PFO Product Solutions

Porifera’s PFO is the best solution if…

  • —Your UF membranes are fouling and maintenance costs and downtime are high
  • You are using multiple purification steps to produce high quality ultrapure water from a waste stream
  • You are spending lots of money using evaporation or crystallization
  • Thermal concentration is diminishing the quality of your product
  • Your energy costs for concentration are high
  • You have a brine stream to dilute and a low salinity waste or product stream to concentrate

PFO Applications

Porifera’s high flux, low fouling PFO modules and systems are ideal for treating waters that contain high levels of organics, suspended solids, and other contaminants.


  • 30-50% lower OPEX than existing solutions
    (e.g., crystallizers, evaporators, distillation, UF+RO, clarification+UF+RO, UF+RO+UVAOP, and UF/MBR+RO).
  • Over 10% lower CAPEX for industrial and municipal applications
  • Ideal for highly fouling waters
  • Ideal pretreatment for RO
  • One-step pretreatment stage for a wide variety of applications
  • Low energy, low chemical use process
  • Reduced maintenance, cleanings, and downtime
Application Solution
Enhanced Product Recovery (Food & Beverage) PFO
Enhanced Product Recovery (Industrial) PFO
Fertigation (Agriculture) PFO
Turf Feeding (Golf Courses) PFO
High TDS, Brine Recovery, and Near Zero Liquid Discharge PFO + Membrane Distillation or PFO + Modified Reverse Osmosis
Cooling Tower Blowdown Recycling PFO + Reverse Osmosis
Carwash Water Recycling PFO + Reverse Osmosis
Gray Water Recycling PFO + Reverse Osmosis
High TOC Water Reuse (Industrial) PFO + Reverse Osmosis
Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Reuse PFO + Reverse Osmosis
Indirect Potable Reuse PFO + Reverse Osmosis
Untreated Wastewater Reuse PFO/MBR + Reverse Osmosis
Co-located Seawater/Wastewater Desalination PFO + Reverse Osmosis in PRO mode
Seawater Desalination PFO + Modified Reverse Osmosis