Get Started with Porifera

We are ready to evaluate your problem and determine which Porifera solution is right for you.  You can expect expert assistance in forward osmosis system design and application support. We are ready to test new applications and are actively looking for partners to pilot our systems.

The Porifera solution, step-by-step:

1. Technical and Commercial Assessment

After you provide us with an analysis of your water or wastewater composition and your treatment requirements, Porifera will develop a preliminary design and business case.

2. Lab-Scale Testing

Porifera will perform preliminary testing using our lab-scale systems. We’ll demonstrate our membrane’s performance, establish the required draw chemistry, and refine our water quality projections and your estimated cost savings.

3. On-Site Pilot Testing

Porifera will work with you to perform on-site testing at your facility with a pilot-scale system to validate the lab-scale projections.

4. Commercial Deployment

Porifera will collaborate with you to design, manufacture, and install a full-scale turnkey commercial system at your site. Porifera will provide the required expertise for successful implementation of the project by your team or contractor. 

To get started, please contact us.