PFO Elements

Porifera’s PFO elements (or sub-modules) are the basic system building blocks. They combine both membrane and element design advantages to allow PFO systems to achieve unprecedented reductions in FO system footprint and costs. PFO elements are chemically resistant and can be operated in a wide temperature range.

Products Available for Purchase

Two Sizes: PFO-20 and PFO-100

The PFO-20 is Porifera’s standard sample-size element with 1 m2 of membrane area. PFO-20’s operate just like larger PFO elements and are designed for lab-scale and small pilot-scale evaluations.
The PFO-100 is Porifera’s commercial scale element with 7 m2 of membrane area. The PFO-100 is designed for large pilot-scale and commercial-scale installations.

Three Versions: Standard, SL, SUB

Each PFO element size comes in three different versions. Choose the one best for your application.

PFO with Integrated Feed Spacer

For most applications customers choose our standard element with an integrated 0.030″ fishnet spacer.

Spacer-less PFO

The PFO-SL is a modified version of the standard PFO element that operates without a feed channel spacer. Ideal for high-fouling applications.

Spacer-less and Submersible PFO

The PFO-SUB is a submersible version of the PFO-SL. It can be placed directly into a body of feed water. Circulation is provided via convection or built-in aeration. The PFO-20SUB is designed for membrane bioreactors (MBR) and for combined open water intake/pretreatment applications.

PFO Elements

PFO-20, PFO-20SL, PFO-20SUB 1.0 m2
PFO-100, PFO-100SL, PFO-100SUB 7.0 m2
PFO-200, PFO-200SL, PFO-200SUB Available 2016
Operational pH limits 2 – 11
Water permeation at 1.0 M NaCl draw vs. water (FO mode) 33 ± 2 LMH
Water permeation at 1.0 M NaCl draw vs. water (PRO mode) 58 ± 3 LMH
Reverse salt flux of element 0.2 – 0.6 g/L
Head loss 0.2 psi * m2 / gpm

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