Services, Samples & Tools

Porifera offers multiple services and tools to help accelerate customer adoption of forward osmosis technology and to enable faster application identification and development.  We are committed to helping you with your evaluation of PFO products for your most challenging applications.

Lab-Scale Testing Service

Porifera provides lab-scale testing services of your source water or wastewater to provide planning level data on flux, rejection and other operating parameters. This will help us determine the level of CAPEX and OPEX savings that our PFO solutions will provide for your application.

FO Membrane Coupon Test-Setup

Porifera has developed a highly adaptable and efficient FO membrane coupon test-setup if you want to develop and test FO applications in your laboratory. These systems are available for purchase, along with expert installation and training services.  The test-setup provides everything needed to measure flux and salt rejection of membrane coupons using different aqueous and draw solutions. 

Porifera can also provide similar larger-scale test systems to quickly evaluate elements on multiple different applications in a lab setting.

PFO Membrane Samples

Membrane coupon samples are available for lab-scale testing upon executing of our Materials Transfer Agreement.

Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining samples for testing.

Pilot-Scale Testing Service

Porfiera has and can custom-build pilot-scale PFO and FO/RO systems that can be deployed and operated at your facility for short-term and long-term pilot testing evaluations. We have in-house engineering resources to design, fabricate, install, provide operator training, test, and optimize these systems to best suit your specific application.