PFO Technology

Porifera has developed a high-performance forward osmosis (FO) membrane and a novel FO element design.  The combination of membrane performance and element design results in unprecedented reduction of FO system footprint and cost that will enable FO to become a mainstream water treatment technology and the leading FO solution. 

Our technology is especially well-suited for treating and concentrating feed streams that contain high levels of organics and solids.




  • Reduces CAPEX, OPEX, and life-cycle costs for many projects and applications
  • Extremely low fouling without coagulant, disinfection, or de-chlorination chemicals.
  • Small footprint 
  • Highest industry flux – the key parameter to reduce FO project costs
  • Excellent rejection of salts, bacteria, virus, and emerging contaminants
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Tolerant to a wide range of pH and chemicals 
  • Can handle large fluctuations in feed stream quality
  • Provides consistent water quality and level of treatment
  • Reduces maintenance and downtime compared to existing technologies
  • No backwashing, washwater handling or sludge generation.


PFO Membrane

Our proprietary membrane has three times higher flux and more than three times lower salt passage than conventional cellulose acetate FO membranes. The membrane’s unique composition and structure yields a very thin, open-pore, hydrophilic configuration with an excellent rejection layer. This means that water passes through the membrane more efficiently and that foulants do not bond or stick to the membrane surface.

  • Very low fouling
    See fouling data

    Porifera’s Fouling Advantage

    Continuous testing for the Department of Defense showed that these membranes exhibit virtually no fouling
    under very challenging wastewater conditions that plug up ultrafiltration membranes within minutes.
    These waters contain silt, fertilizer, blue-green algae and a variety of other contaminants.



  • Excellent flux and rejection
    See a comparison of Porifera membranes’ flux and salt passage to conventional membranes.
  • Non-degradable
  • Tolerant to a wide range of pH & and chemicals

Porifera is manufacturing these membranes on commercial 40-inch roll-to-roll lines. 
For commercial inquiries, or to obtain membrane samples, please contact us

Element Design

Porifera has developed a novel PFO element design that provides the most efficient flow paths, the lowest head-loss, higher system fluxes and the highest packing density of any FO element.

Click here for a comparison of element packing density with conventional elements.

Packing Density Comparison