Carbon Nanotube Membranes

Porifera is the pioneer in aligned carbon nanotube (CNT) membrane development and has extensive expertise in fabrication of aligned CNT/polymer composites. This unique proprietary material has broad applications in different industries, including biomedical, filtration, battery technology, and electronics. 

CNT membranes have many unique properties:

  • Frictionless hydrophobic pores enhance water flow though CNT’s by 2-3 orders of magnitude
  • CNT membranes have highly controlled uniform pore size distributions
  • CNT pores are highly heat conductive, over 7 times higher than copper
  • CNT’s are extremely strong — 200 times stronger then steel, yet are very flexible 

We have developed processes to synthesize uniform arrays of high-quality, high-density carbon nanotube’s on large substrates. -click to see TEM and Raman of Porifera’s CNTs.


We have also developed methods to produce membranes in which pores between carbon nanotubes are filled with polymers with the CNT tube ends exposed on each side.

We are currently seeking collaborations with strategic partners in industry and academia to further develop applications for this unique material.  Please contact us if you are interested in working with us.